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Online resources?

Looking for some online resources for trucking. Fourms and such. The only decent one I've been able to find via google is Anything else/better? Or are most truckers just very non-internet savvy?
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The only forum I've been to is Hosted by Kevin Rutherford (from one of the Siruis/XM shows I mentioned in another thread). It has well over 20,000 members and tons of useful information. I'm really not active there, but it's mainly aimed at the business and maintence aspect of trucking as well as being something of a social networking site. While you'll find an answer to most anything you'd need, it is not moderated, so some people like to flame and resort to some nasty name calling instead of staying on topic. Kevin really believes in the idea of free speech, so it happens time to time. Other than that, I'll just list my bookmarks from my trucking links: They put on radio shows, but you can also email them for any questions regarding DOT rules and regulations. They're likely to have the most up to date and accurate info, coming from former troopers. Google Maps. Not sure where you're about to go? Look here for good satillite views of potential routes and can often make use of street level views to make sure you're going to the right place. Online truckstop directory. Pretty accurate, but you may still want to call ahead to make sure some places still exist. I've found some small places in there that either closed or no longer offered parking.

Additionally with a nice side by side comparison of truck specific GPS units if you're in the market for one some day. Not all brands listed though. Good weather map that offers both traditional and satillite views of the country as well as time laps and future predicted weather. CAT Scale locator. Probably the most trusted (albeit most expensive) truck scale. Easy to use site for finding out road conditions, both weather related and construction info for all 50 states.
Awesome, thanks!
Don't mention it. Also remembered another. In case you maybe wanted to look for a mate. :P