Kilroy (kilroyfirelizrd) wrote in trucker_furs,

MFF Meet & Greet?

If I were to host a meet & greet panel at Midwest Fur Fest, would anyone going tp the con be interested in this? Wouldn't be anything fancy; just a chance for us to meet and talk about our experiences, offer advice to greenhorns, & possibly educate the curious 4-wheelers on what not to do around big rigs :P

If I do this I will definitely have coffee available, with milk and sugar. Any donations to help offset the cost would be appreciated, but certainly not required. Any amount over would be donated to this year's charity group. I'm thinking of also setting up a jar for donations directly to the charity, which would be turned over immediately after the panel ended.

Anyways, would like to know who's interested so I can make sure there's enough coffee for everyone, and see if it's even worth doing. Makes no sense if only one or two people show up :P

EDIT: Being the silly firelizard that I am, I didn't realize that any food/drinks used during MFF functions have to be provided by the hotel. Still very willing to provide the liquid lifeline of most truckers, and should still be tasty coffee! :D
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I'm gonna try to find a load to the area, but no idea if I'll be able to, so can't commit to anything like this. Sorry. :/
Hopefully you can, but if you can't, then no big deal. I know exactly how it is; sometimes loads going to where you want to go are scarce!
I'll be there definitely. I'm sure several others who aren't on LJ will be too. I can spread the word if ya want.
That would be very much appreciated! <3
While the meet and greet sounds like a fine idea, please remember that per our contract with the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, any food or drink served in the hotel function space must be provided by the hotel. If you need pricing, please email me at
Ooh, did not know that; thanks for letting me know!
I doubt I'll be going to MFF this year, but if I do, it will only be for a short time. I'm using my vacation for Oklacon, so don't count on me. If I do end up showing up, I'll keep an eye out for a greet.

I do have a suggestion though. If you're looking to make this an official panel listed in the schedule and book, I wouldn't pass it off as anything educational with 4-wheelers because no one will be wanting to show up to something like that. I'd say something more laid back, like non-truckers are welcomed too to chat and get to know about one of the more unique jobs held by furs.

Good luck :)
True! I'm still working on the wording for an official panel but it will definitely include something along the line of welcoming any one curious about what we do and why we do it!