Kilroy (kilroyfirelizrd) wrote in trucker_furs,

Re: MFF Meet & Greet

Ok, so I got some info, and.. I'm starting to think that perhaps a meet & greet would work better if we were to all meet for coffee somewhere nearby instead. At least for now. Apparently with what I had in mind we'd either have to go without coffee, which is an option! Or, I supply coffee, at around $6 an 8oz cup. I don't even buy twice that size in fancy coffee for that much :P

I'm thinking meeting for coffee or whatever would probably work best, honestly. Let it go on for as long as it does, without having to worry about time constraints, and buy coffee for a lot cheaper! :D From what I've been told, there's a coffee shop on the main floor, and assuming we don't completely flood the area, plenty of areas to hang out, including the Con Suite! An informal, relaxed atmosphere might not be a bad way to start what I hope to be an annual thing for us! See how it goes, and then make plans from there.

What do you guys and gals think? What days/times would be best for you? Granted, I can't really come out with a solid timeframe for this until the convention schedule comes out in November, but I would like to get a feel for the best timeframe for this.
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