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Merry Christmas from the FMSCA

For those that may not have been following, the FMCSA has been working on a new hours of service proposal. They released the proposed changes finally and as one news report called it, gave truckers 3 lumps of coal for Christmas. You can find the new changes at 

Keep in mind, this isn't in the books yet. Starting on the 29th of this month, they will open the proposal to public comment for 60 days and then (hopefully) revise it so it isn't so complicated and restrictive. At least I hope so. Once it opens for comments, all of us should write in and voice our opinions on this proposal.

The two changes affecting me most are the 7 hours "consecutive" rule and the 34 hour reset change. I'm on a dedicated account where we do several drops within our route, delivering to grocery stores that take 15-20 min each on average. So this would cause us to take extra time somewhere along the route, which considering how we are, could really result in a significant milage cut. The other being the 34hrs reset requiring two midnight to 6am periods. We run a lot of overnight stuff. So during a 34, we often shut down early in the day. Instead of being able to run the following night, we would have to wait until the morning after. But since the dc doesn't even start sending loads out until 6, we'd then have to wait longer until our run is assigned and ready. That can take us into early afternoon, turning a 34 hrs rest into a 48+hrs shut down. The 7 day at a time limit wouldn't affect us too much, but I see it being able to hurt the long haul guys.

Are they trying to turn trucking and freight shipping into a 9-5 job? I don't know, but as is usual, leave it to government to make a change "for the better" that ends up not only hurting the driver, but creating a need for more drivers to take up the slack for the extra down time and more of us needing to be parked at any given time when there aren't enough parking places as it is.

That's just my views on the thing. I'm not blindly ranting like I'm sure some truckers have been. I've got pretty legit reasons on how this will impact my particular run. Your milage may vary. Like it or not, let the FMCSA know your stance. Just please be respectful and don't go on a blind rant in your comments, as that will make them less likely to listen to you.
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