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Keep your fingers crossed...

Who works for CR England? What's your guys' opinion on them? I know cal_foxx said they'll try to push a lease on me, but I'm smart enough and old enough to know when that might be good for me.

I find out tomorrow if my DMV report clears their insurance company. The recruiter seems to think it will since I've had a CA license for 14 years and my old Oklahoma license hasn't been suspended since Oct 2008. Last year another recruiter said it didn't matter. So who knows.

Oddly enough it's the same way with normal auto insurance companies. Geico, Farmers, AAA, Progressive, TheGeneral all said since one license was suspended, it didn't matter that I've had a Calif on for so many years. Yet State Farm said they only looked at California since that's where I live.

"Training' is 2 weeks in Mira Loma, then it's 3 weeks out on the road before coming back. Tho I'm not sure where "back" will be and the recruiter couldn't tell me either. So if I drive down there myself my car will be stuck there at the training facility while I'm out on the road. And if those 3 days off after 3 weeks isn't in Mira Loma, my car will be stuck there even longer.

Think it would be safe there? Will I even have time to go anywhere in the evenings after 'training'? Should I just fly down there since it's cheap between the bay area and the L.A. area? Should I try to get a friend to drive me down there, or drive my car or a rental back? Is those 3 days off after 3 weeks usually back at the origin location, or can it be arranged to be at a specific location?

If I get the job I'll have a trainer with me for 90 days, so not sure if it'll be up to him or up to me, or just up to the company...
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