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*keeping fingers crossed*

Got a call today from the recruiter at CR England. They said my 10 year DMV report confirms I've had a license for 14 years, so they said I can report for their 2 week refresher course come the 6th of July. Just waiting to hear back from the recruiter about a Greyhound ticket down to San Bernadino.

She said they have a list of what I should take, but I'm still trying to think ahead. Debating on upgrading to a 3G iphone my friend has extra since his iPhone 4 from my 2G one. And possibly getting a cheap netbook to update LJ and such with my travels.

Been reading some reviews on CR England online... there's some shady stuff being reported, but they're mostly from a few years ago. I'm thinking of getting a journal to write down stuff said that doesn't ring right, if anything.

Gonna need a new icon soon, I hope...

EDIT 6/30/10:
Got the confirmation number for the Greyhound ticket. I start training 6am July 6th! =)
I find it odd they want $100 for medical check/meals/class supplies. *shrug*
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