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Smartphone apps

Who else here has a smartphone (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, etc)? I'm curious what apps everyone uses related to trucking. I have an LG Optimus S Android phone and these are what I have, listing the actual app name:

Screen Filter: Uses an "overlay" to simulate backlight dimming down to zero. Works great and useful at night if your backlight's dimmest option is still too bright and causes a glare.

Alarm Clock Extreme: Unlike my built in alarm, it has a HUGE snooze button and tiny dismiss button so you don't accidentally turn it off. Has various other ways to prevent accidental dismissal such as requiring you to complete a math problem. You can select the difficulty, so you can make sure you're really awake.

Google Navigation: Not truck specific, but if you know where you're going and just wanting stuff like eta and distances, it's cool. Really shines by showing you a street level pic of the address you're going to so you know what to look for when you arrive. Wish it would show said pic BEFORE you get right on top of it though.

Scanner Radio: Police scanner app that connects to online scanner feeds from around the world and can show scanners near you via gps tracking or search by state/county. Can give immediate info should something happen along your route. That, and the Chicago station seems to be pretty entertaining. Probably why it's the most popular. Also fun during a snow storm as you hear about all the people putting themselves into the ditches.

Weather Channel widget (not just the bookmark): Pretty obvious here. Instant current location weather display too with gps tracking. Also can give you severe weather alerts.

I also have bookmarks to CAT Scale's mobile site

My Fuel Gauges with a mobile version too and allows you to track your fuel milage free, tank to tank, and to put in notes so you can see how different conditions affect  your milage. Can track current and previous week, month, year, maintance, and other trucks in the system that you can compare against. You can also search other trucks based on specs like year, make, model, engine, tires, and gearing to see how you stack up to them. Just having all that info there at hand has me changing my driving habits without even noticing, like challenging myself to see how high I can get.

All of these are free in the Android market, but some have paid versions too if you don't want ads. I've also seen a couple of truckstop locators but I don't have much use for something like that on my dedicated run. And a bit off topic, I've seen a couple of furry related apps too.

[/feeble attempt at stirring up conversations]

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