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Trucker Furs!

Keeping America Going

Truck Driver Furries
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Trucker Furs! The community for the men and women that help keep our country running!

Your shirt, the Pepsi you drink, the TV you watch, and the computer you type from were all deleivered by these fine men and women of our country. Those big trucks help us get what we need, and we're damn proud to have people from the turcker way of life!

The community isn't jsut for drivers themsevles. This is for the people whom work alongside them, friends, and family of the drivers. Just want to support the drivers? Join up!

Six Wheels? Eighteen? More? Kenworth? Frieghtliner? Peterbuilt? Com'on in and take a load off, fuel up, grab a bite to eat, and hang around! Don't feel shy to post!